In Allods Online there are two types of professions – Gathering and Crafting.

Professions are some of the most interesting and important parts of the game; they give you an opportunity to produce items for your character, for your guild or for selling. There are three gathering and four crafting professions in Allods Online. Gathering include: Herbalism, Mining and Disassembling. Crafting include: Alchemy, Tailoring, Leatherworking and Blacksmithing. Alchemy is for creating potions, Tailoring is for creating cloth items, Leatherworking for leather armor and Blacksmithing for plate armor. Each character may choose one single crafting profession.

Gathering and crafting will help you to not only obtain really useful items but also make your character unique. Many rare and high-quality resources can sometimes only be found through other players.  It is very important to establish and maintain these professional relationships – you will be purchasing an item from a player who could need something from your cache in the future… Constant interactions and good trading relationships will help you immensely in the world of Sarnaut. Always remember that you will need to fight not only on ground but in the Astral. Group combat mostly depends on good teamwork and good relationships.

Games within games are always fun

The gathering and crafting systems in Allods Online are very different from such systems in other MMORPGs. All professions that are connected with crafting are represented with mini-games. The system is rather simple so you will not spend much time learning the rules. This makes the whole process much more interesting than regular button-clicking. It was decided to use popular mini-games such as poker, blackjack and the slot-machine as a basis. In Allods Online, a hazard is added so that a lucky chance can always have influence. A little bit of analytics, professional approach, et voila, the Lady of Fortune smiles upon you.  Alchemy, for instance, is based on the slot machine principle and just as in real life you can make money on it. Each PvP player would desire different potions in enormous amounts; such production is always in high demand.

Leatherworking, Tailoring and Blacksmithing are based on poker. There are tactics, strategy and a bit of luck. The process is divided into 6 stages, on each stage you must decide which option to take, open the crafting interface, choose a material for your future armor, etc. You will see a list of what items you can make from this material and what components you will need. Then choose the bonus that this item will give you. You can try your luck up to 6 times and choose the best combination for your character.

Luck is for everyone… or is it? Everybody has a chance to be lucky

Even if the crafting fails, players should not be too disappointed. For example if alchemy boiling fails, your character will receive an item that gives a strange and funny effect: the potion will make a character smaller in size.

Experienced alchemists, tailors, leatherworkers and blacksmiths can create masterpieces from virtually nothing, so those professions are not only time well spent but can also provide profit. Recipes can be found inside materials. Only after obtaining a material will the crafter know which items can be created from it. The more time is spent on crafting the faster the skill will rise and each level may bring new recipes.

About theory and practice

For each item the player must provide two to five components. All needed materials can be found in the world or purchased from traders. However, some very rare and useful components can be obtained only as a reward for a quest or in an encounter. Special profession trainers will teach those first crafting skills, they can be found in the faction capital. They will give you a book that contains all information a character needs to start crafting. Items created by players are comparable quality to items obtained from high-level monsters, so crafting is a handy way to get some really rare and useful items. Players will always have a choice to kill monsters, buy items from other players or create items themselves. Items that were obtained from monsters can also be disassembled for pieces to use in crafting. Items created from disassembled parts will be similar to the original item but can be suitable for other classes.

Herbalists should remember that each type of reagent has a different quality. Ordinary reagents have one option while high-quality reagents will be much more useful and have several options for future potions.

Science never stands still

Allods Online is a game with a deep storyline where players always move forward, exploring new territories. It would be very uncomfortable to return to places where one has already been just for the sake of crafting. Moreover some things should be created right on the move. One will agree that it is tiring to run through an entire area just to boil healing potions that are needed right here and now.

A solution suitable for everyone was found: Now in Allods Online players will have portable a smithy, lab, leatherworking and tailoring kits.

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