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I’m sure that everyone who played OBT and tried Warrior archetype remembers great guide about how to start your warrior, written by Primal Instinct guildmaster SolDeus/LunDeus. Personally, I used this guide very often when levelling my Warrior in CBT. So today I decided to post complete version of this guide for those warriors who are already above or close to level 20. Warrior skill rotations, builds, equipment – all these things are covered in this guide. Enjoy!


Key Index:
CA – Combat Advantage
AB – Agonizing Blow
PB – Powerful Blow
MB – Malicious Blow
SS – Shield Swipe

So you want to be a successful warrior…

First thing you will have to do is decide your key role:
Main tank(sword n board)
Trash tank(sword n board)
Disable dps(paired)
All out dps(2h)

*Know your stats.

-STR increases physical dmg(0mg really??)
-FIN ignores armor by a % to increase dmg
-EXP reduces your chance to miss
-LUCK you can ignore early on your % is fine

To be a successful Warrior, you need a healthy mix of these four core stats.

Leveling a Warrior is a bit different from other classes, they start out slow and become a wrecking ball. They really come into their own when they learn Agonizing Blow. Early on it’s pretty tough, it will get easier from 7-10. Always invite stragglers on kill X amount of Y quests, not only will it speed up the process, but you might just make a healer friend struggling with the mobs out of it!

“I can has cheezburga?”
So if you stick to doing quests and buying gear from vendors, money will get pretty tight. One element that Allods has that not many other MMOs have is the resale page. Meaning you can BUY what people vendor. This includes blues.

I typically find a blue on a vendors resale page, put it in the AH with a 400% mark up and it sells rather quickly. Do this and you can afford power pots to be a beast XD


What to use and when to use them.
1 handed weapons give your skills a 3second cd for most with standard energy consumption.
Paired weapons give your skills a 1second cd with reduced energy consumption.
2 handed weapons give your skills a 3 second cd for most with standard energy consumption.

The CD’s for certain skills that are not dictated by weapon worn remain the same CD.

For armored kiting targets I use a 2hander
armored non-kiting targets I use paired weapons
vs a 2 hander I use sword n board

“BUT-BUT-BUT I want to TANK!!”
Straight up – roll a Paladin Archetype. They are Russias MT’s, Brutes just slap on a board and off-tank adds.

Warriors can main tank at 40 but they need a mix of epic gear that spreads out agility, stamina and endurance.

Chapters: | Preface | 1 | 2 | 3 | Next |

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4 Comments to “Complete Warrior guide by LunDeus”

  1. cewball says:

    wandering if u could post weapon selctions. best for sword and board, 2 hand, duel plz. great guide helped me out

  2. hbs100 says:

    And what is the best for PVP in level 40, 2H or paired weapons ? THANKS :p

  3. hbs100 says:

    Hello, can you follow this guide even if we can’t buy anything from the cash shop


  4. ska says:

    I have a question about the 2h 30 skill rotation. How can I use the agonizing blow after rush(15%)/kick(15%)/roundhouse(25%). I only get 55% combat advantage from them and I need 60 for agonizing. Where do I get the missing 5%? Thanks in advance

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