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Lawful, the author of Melee Warden Guide, wrote another great guide. This time the guide is about another powerful Allods Online Class – Summoner, master of pets, DOTs and heals. A lot of useful info about class as usual. This guide is not completely finished yet so check for the uptades here and in the original forum thread. Enjoy ;)


Necromancer, what is a necromancer? When creating your character, you will read about him being able to control power of darkness and all, well useless info, lets get down to what he really is.
A Necromancer is a rather unique combination of styles in Allods, one of the most versatile Classes in my opinion that can take up quite a few different roles, from DPS’ing, to Nuking and even Healing and supporting a whole party! Yes, yes you heard me right, paradox isn’t it? Supposedly a class that practices Dark Arts that were meant to play with death itself, to curse, weaken , torture and murder people, yet they can actually save lives and bring back the dead, the dark side of healing if you may, Night Priest <3 (lol corny, i know)
The Necromancer has a list of different abilities which are, his DoT’s, curses and weaken type spells that eat trough your opponents Health continuously till he dies, like poison. Vampirism, spells that leech life from your opponent and recover you and your pets instead, and ofcourse curing, at the cost of the blood that the Necromancer gathers in his containers, he transfers it to himself or his fellow party members and helps them recover from their injuries, and also last but not least, the traditional Necromancy gift, Summoning! He can raise the dead under his command and keep them under control as his underlings.

What makes this class interesting in my opinion is the freedom to create builds to your own taste, either it be a full supportive healer, either a DoT (damage over time) type build, either a heavy magic damaging type class, or even a hybrid and combination of both or a bit of all three.
Patch comments: After the recent patch, Necromancers were severely nerfed thus being arguable as a main healing force. Its unclear if a Necromancer can keep the whole party alive alone now.
Main nerfs:
1. Healing power of all Necromancer spells decreased by 30%.
2. Mending Plague is not spammable now, has a 60 second cooldown between effects.
3. Relaxation ability removed.
4. Mending Plague is severely influenced by stats, thus heals alot less now.
5. Antibody debuff, dissables any available Mending Plague effect for 60 seconds after one has ended.

Character Creation and Racial Abilities

When creating a Necromancer, you will have three races to choose from, two are on the Empire side and only one available on the League side (Not much choice for league huh >.<)
As a League Necromancer you will be able to become a Elf Demonologist
As a Empire Necromancer you will be able to become a Xadaganian Defiler or a Arisen Savant

The differences in choosing a Race are the special Racial abilities you will get and of course for each race, the summonable fiends look differently.

Demonologist Ability and Pet Images: His ability is one more additional DoT spell, which you can lay on your enemy and it will last 16 seconds, dealing damage each two seconds and healing you and your pet for double the amount of damage dealt.

Savant Ability and Pet Images: His ability is that he can fully heal his pet in one cast.

Defiler Ability and Pet Images: His ability is that he can increase his pets Strength and Dexterity by 30% for 30 seconds.

As for each’s special ability, well they aren’t really all that worth going into detail about, nothing super natural or overly useful. In my opinion the developers could of tried a bit harder at that part >.<

Chapters: | Preface | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | Next |

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11 Comments to “Summoner (Necromancer) Class Guide”

  1. Eshantzimisce says:

    The Summoner spell “Relaxation” is no longer available. Looks like it has been replaced with “Dark Pact”: Drains 50% of your health and generates 5 drops of blood. Cast Time: instant. Cooldown: 2.5 min.

  2. menkara says:

    do you have a scout guide? cause i dont really have a good idea as to what to do with my char

  3. Rabid says:

    Thx dude u helped me alot:P

  4. Anonymous says:

    yes, u can bind all the buttons for your demon to your keys. Just like my warlock in wow i bind attack to numpad + and follow to numpad -. That way its rly easy to control your pet ;)

  5. Esteban says:

    Hey dude, very nice guide, gz!

    Question: Which wm gives me fake death? i alredy did dc,cb,tt1 and tt2 (im lvl37 atm)

    Tnx in adv! =D

  6. WOW says:


  7. Vierlyn says:

    great guide, but i have been wondering if there is a way to controll the summons with bound keys instead of clicking attack?

  8. Jacob says:

    Brilliant guide! It answered all my questions about summoner and I refer to it whenever I make any changes on mine. Awesome work mate!

  9. Wuluk says:

    Thanks!! I follow this web all days :P

  10. admin says:

    Mike promised that he will )

  11. Lex says:

    Will you ever finish the Paladin guide? :<

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