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After reading Mystic Worlds Top 10 Useful Tips I decided to summarize my AO gaming experience for those people who just started or are thinking about starting playing Allods. They may seem obvious to experienced players but I hope that newcomers will find them useful for quick and comfortable levelling in beautiful but dangerous world of Sarnaut.

1. Stats are important. When a dead mob or questgiver NPC gives you new piece of gear that you can equip check its stat bonuses very carefully to decide whether it worth equiping. Allods Online is very stat-dependant game and ‘good stats’ means ‘balanced stats’ here, not ’super high one stat’ or ‘max possible sum of stats’. E.g. if you are playing melee damager and already have high Strength but low Expertise then +15 Expertise bonus may be better than +20 Strength bonus for you. It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit if you miss all the time, right? ;)

2. Reputation vendors are your friends. Best source of good  gear is reputation vendor who can be found in any location. Best blue-quality gear require highest possible reputation to purchase. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to max your reputation with vendor faction. Firstly, do as many quests as you can in this location. Then go for repeatable quests and do them until you hit reputation cap. Reputation gear is of the same quality as instance bosses drops and even solo player who never does group quests or instances but has some patience can buy it. After 23 level new type of vendors becomes available to you – PvP Glory Vendors that can be found in faction capitals. They also sell blue-quality gear and awesome trinkets for PvP.

3.Be ready for World PvP. World PvP is essential part of the game after level 23, when you start questing in Holy Land. You will be ganked and you will have to kill enemies no matter how peace-loving you are. Try playing several classes to understand their game mechanic better. Read class guides even if they are not about the class you are playing now. Ask your friends to duel with you (each capital has special Arena location for duels). Do  PvP-related quests in groups. Study you class abilities to find out which will be most useful in PvP and hotkey them.

4. Plan your character spec and professions early. Your spec is something that you can’t change easily because Water of Death can only be bought for real-world currency or large sum of ingame gold (in Closed Beta Test bottles are given away by GMs for free but when Open Beta starts the party will be over). Your profession can make you very rich or very poor depending on how you level it, besides it can give you some bonuses while levelling. The general advice is: cooperate. Check our Professions Guide for more details.

5. Don’t spend too much gold on gear. Reputation gear is quite good for levelling and you’ll need a lot of gold later in the game when you’ll want to have your own Astral ship. The ship itself costs 1500 gold plus repair bills after battles with astral monsters and opposing players. So there is little sense in wasting 30-40 gold to buy new piece of equipment which you will change after 2-3 levels.

6. Make friends early. Allods Online is social game.  It’s quite solo-friendly but life becomes easier when you have a good guild or just company of friends who can help. Maybe the Healer who heals you through XAES or Oreshek will later invite you to fly on his astral ships to far-away allods? Or the Psionicist with whom you are doing group quest is an Alchemist who will make potions for your Herbalist char free of charge just for mats? So group with others when you can: look for groups in zone chat or near group quests locations. And don’t forget to put nice guys in your friends list.

7. Have fun. This is what the online games are for.

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4 Comments to “My Top Tips for new Allods Online players”

  1. Kane says:

    There is a quest for a bag not sure what the biggest sized bag is in the item store or the quest something be nice to know.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks. Forgot about it because I always collect everything in all MMOs. Btw, it isn’t so easy to do it in Allods – bags are too small (:

  3. Cats says:

    Very useful guide! It tells about the main things you must be careful about, including having fun :)

    I would also add collecting and sellings monsters loot if I were you.

  4. BluestarNEO says:

    Good post! I am really enjoying my time in AO, and look forward to OB release.

    If there was one tip I would give newcomers, it would be to take your time, and enjoy the quests and story. Too often I have been in Lightwood and seen level 6 characters complaining that they ran out of quests. Well, that’s because they skipped all the quests their level on the first starter isle!

    This game has a great background story, and the first island is a great time to group up and meet new people before getting to Lightwood. This game is a game, so have fun!

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