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Choosing profession for your character is an important thing. In Allods Online there are no totally useless professions but there are professions that are nearly useless for some classes. It’s not too hard to make a mistake and chose skill that is inappropriate for you. E.g. when I started playing my first Healer I thought “He wears cloth I see, so I’ll pick tailoring for him and will always have the opportunity to craft gear for my char”. Of course it was the wrong approach. Healers wear cloth only in the beginning of the game and later they switch to leather and plate. So the lesson is: read class descriptions before choosing profs :)

Allods craft system: basics

In Allods Online there are two large categories of items craftable: armor and potions. Gear-crafting profs are: Tailoring (for cloth armor), Leatherworking (for leather armor) and Blacksmithing (for plate armor). Potions are made by Alchemists.

Those four crafting skills use two kinds of ingredients: a) ingredients that are sold by profession trainers NPCs for a fixed price b) ingredients that are obtained via another group of professions – gathering profs. There are three gathering skills in Allods Online: Mining (provides mats for Blacksmithing), Herbalism (ingredients for Alchemy) and Disassembling (mats for Tailoring and Leatherworking).

How many profs can one character take? Developers say that max number is three, but it won’t be easy. First prof can be taken “for free”. When character hits lvl 6, Novograd or Nezebgrad city Guides offer him a chain of quests which require talking with all profession trainers. To take the first profession you should simply buy a skillbook from one of trainers and use it in your inventory. To start working you’llĀ  have to purchase profession tools from the same trainer and that’s all. For the second and the third profs you also have to buy special license. Second profession license requires 475 gold and high reputation with your home nation craftsmen guild. I don’t know about requirements for the third prof but I guess they are even higher. The conclusion is simple: you’ll have to live with only one profession for quite a long time, especially if this is your first Allods char. Choose wisely.

Professions in details

Mining and Herbalism

Those two profs have much in common. You are running around the map and gathering things. Then you sell gathered mats via Auction House or to vendor (idols from Mining).

If you decide to pick one of these profs for your char, learn them as early as possible. The easiest way to level Mining and Herbalism is to gather resources while doing quests. It’s important to have enough skill points to mine or gather herbs in the locations where quest-givers send you. So before going to the next location spend a little time and raise prof to maximum level possible for the location you are currently in. Also check our Mining Levelling Guide for details about Mining.

These two profs are good for any character class, especially if you want to guarantee that your profession will give you money right from the beginning of the game.


Disasembling is about making mats for Tailors and Leatherworkers from cloth and leather armor. For this prof you’ll need two different types of tools to disassemble cloth and leather items respectively. Both tools are purchased from disassembling trainer. To disassemble the item you have to meet two following conditions: 1) Item type can be disassembled by your tools . Check tool description to see which types of gear it can work with. 2) Your skill must be higher than (”minimum lvl to use the item”x10). E.g. to disassemble robe with “Requires 6th character lvl” in it’s description your skill must be 61 or higher. Note that cloth items are disassembled into mats for Tailors and leather items – for Leatherworkers.

A good and cheap way to level your Disassembling is to buy special packages of low-level items from your trainer. They are much cheaper then high-level gear you’ll need later. Some items have no level requirements. Usually it’s bind-on-pick-up quest rewards. Good news! You can disassemble them no matter how low your skill level is. May be that’s a bug that will be fixed. Dunno.

Disassembling is also good for any character class, especially for cloth and leather wearers (Mages, Summoners, Wardens, Psionicists, Scouts). They can use own old armor as an additional source of resources.

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