Class Descriptions Part 2


Possible roles: Melee DD, Range DD, Off healer

Allods Warden

Class description: Warden is one of two Allods Online pet classes. Each race and sex has it’s own pets, but there is really no substancial difference between them – only visual one. Pet’s characteristics depend on warden’s, so melee-oriented wardens have stronger pets than their range-oriented siblings. Warden’s unique feature lies in his ability to use “spellcasting” stats in place of “physical combat” stats. E.g. when warden makes melee atack his intelegence bonus is used to calculate damage instead of strenght bonus. Warden, as a healer, has some useful HOTs (healing over time spells) and is also able to place healing potions in friends’ inventories. As a result we have a versatile class which can give an inspiring chalenge to every true munchkin.

Main builds: Warden can invest skill points in his range damage spells (”Call lightning” and “Storm”), healing spells, melee skills or pet’s abilities. As his healing abilities are pretty weak, the real choice is between range damage (while using pet mostly for kiting enemies) and melee damage (pet is used as an additional source of DPS). Both builds are as good for leveling purposes as for end-game content exploration.


Possible roles: Range DD, Controller

Allods Mage

Class description: Mage archetype in Allods Online doesn’t differ much from ‘typical MMO’ mage archetype. Low armor points, little health, good amount of mana, some control abilities and very, very much damage form a portrait of AO Mage. Glass canon, that’s it. Allods Online Mage class mechanic is a simular of that of Warhammer Online Bright Wizard and Sorceress but is a bit more complex. Almost all Mage’s spells belong to Fire, Ice or Electricity element schools. When the spell is cast, Mage recieves corresponding effect. Those effects stack up to five times. If a Mage casts a spell from, let’s say, Fire school when he or she has 5 fire effects active, some random positive or negative effect occurs. Also, some powerful Mage’s abilities require certain effects to be active at the moment. Mage is not very simple class to play but he is certainly one of the best range damage dealers in Allods.

Main builds: Mage can focus on raising his crit rating or on dealing high stable damage. Crit build heavily relies on quick-cast and instant spells, while non-crit one is better suited to use spells with longer casting time, such as Fireball. Some great spells, which are acquired through talents, require for casting two or more different elemental effects to be on the Mage. That’s why it is a good idea to invest talent points to more than one elemental fields. One can not develop all three elements, so it’s a good idea to choose two of them and develop simultaneously.


Possible roles: DD, Off healer

Allods Summoner

Class description: Summoner is the second Allods Online pet class. Unlike the Warden, Summoner has different pets all of which he can learn to summon via skill tree. Summoner also has some healing spells. They require class-specific resource, drops of blood, which he steals from his enemies. These drops are stored in Summoner’s Bank of blood and can be used in any moment. Pet is important but not the only source of Summoner’s damage dealt. This class is also famous for it’s devastating DOT-spells. It is not uncommon situation, when the enemies die from those DOTs when the Summoner is already dead.

Main builds: Summoner may become good party healer or follow the damage dealing road and choose between investing in pets or in DOTs. Though Summoner lacks Healer’s variety of curing spells, he is capable in healing parties through 6-man instances. But don’t forget about these drops of blood when healing! ) If you wish to make good DD, Acid talent tree for PvE or Shadow for PvP make your choice.


Possible roles: Controller, Range DD

Allods Psionicist

Class description: Psionicist is a char, who do nasty things to his enemies from the distance. The best controller and one of the best range damage dealers in Allods Online. To use his most powerful spells, expecially control-oriented ones, Psionicist should establish mind contact with the target. This action usually takes a lot of time but doesn’t generate any aggro and so can be casted before the combat starts. That’s why Psionicist can easily deal with single mob or lonely enemy player but is very weak in encounters with a group of enemies. Another class-specific feature are “stress effects” – stackable debuffs that appear on character after using some spells. Stress effects lower Psionicist’s characteristics and can be removed by using special abilities.

Main builds: Psionicist’s choice lies between control and damage dealing builds. Both are fun to play solo and are welcome in any any group. Control-oriented Psionicists should focus on raising their Perception and Conviction stats, while damagers should better pay attention to Inteligence, Perception and Luck.

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