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Allods Online Classes Archetypes

So you’ve downloaded and installed game client. What to do next? How to choose the class you will be happy with on all the way from the very beginning and to the level cap (which is now 40)? I’ll try to give you some tips in this guide.

Class and archetype

You may have heard that there are 28 classes in Allods Online. Don’t panic, it is not so hard to choose between them as it seems to be. Only 8 unique archetypes exist and what is called classes are really their variations. In plain words, archetype plus race equals class. There is only one difference between classes that belongs to one archetype: special racial abilities which are acquired through simple lowlevel quests in faction capitals.

The picture bellow will help you to get the idea:

Here you see archetypes on the left and playable races on the top. E.g. if you want to play warrior archetype you can chose between Kanian, Gibberlings, Xadaganian and Orcs races. Or, in other words, between Brawler, Champion, Vanquisher and Brute classes respectively.

Special racial abilities don’t make a significant difference between classes. That is why I’ll focus on archetype selection in this guide. In Allods Online archetypes are really what is called classes in other MMO so in this gude I’ll use word “class” meaning not Allods class but Allods archetype. We will speak about race selection in more detailed class guides.

And now let’s have a look on archetypes.

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