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Healer – main healer

If you think that the main role of Healer class in Allods Online is to heal then you are damn right! This is what Healer do better than any other class and that is why we’ll take a close look at all healing abilities he can choose from:

  • Devout Healing Your first healing spell which may become your main healing spell up to level 30. Little mana required, short time to cast and very little amount of health to heal.You can skip it if you want to be endgame healer only and go for Holy Rejuvination. Anyway, it should be improved by talents to remain useful at lvl 40.
  • Holy Rejuvination The strongest Healer’s direct healing spell. Has default casting time of 6 sec so you almost obliged to take talents which reduce it. In 6 seconds interval tank can take several crits and die. Fortunately, talents can reduce casting time to 4,2 sec and just like nearly all healer spells this one can be prepared beforehand.
  • Divine Prayer Instant spell with long cooldown and bad ‘mana spent’/'hitpoints healed’ ratio. Use it in emergencies. Cooldown can be lowered via talents.
  • Perpetual Healing Instant HOT (healing over time) spell. With some talents lvl 3 PH has the best mana-to-hitpoints ratio of all Healer’s spells.
  • Entreaty Use it to heal yourself and lower monster’s aggro towards the Healer. Useful in instances. Can be taken only by investing talents to Holy Smite talent tree.
There are also some non-healing abilities which are quite useful for a party healer:
  • Liturgy First lvl of this ability is a must for any healer. If you are the only healer in the group you’ll never be able to use this ability in combat. Minimum time required to replenish mana is 16 sec so your party will die if not supported by another healing class. For non-combat usage first lvl of Liturgy is sufficient.
  • Holy Shield Awesome for PvP Healers and completely useless in a group with good main tank.
  • Ressurection Usually any group expect that you have it. Do not take it only if you are going to recieve Miracle spell, which is given for high-level quest. Personally I’ll advice to spent 1 skill point here, just in case.

Sample talents for the Healer who uses Devout Healing as main healing spell will look like this:

Allods Online Healer Guide 1Allods Online Healer Guide 2Allods Online Healer Guide 3

Sample talents for the Healer who uses Holy Rejuvination as main healing spell will look like this:

Allods Online Healer Guide 4Allods Online Healer Guide 5

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30 Comments to “Allods Online Healer class guide”

  1. DudeImNew says:

    Hey, I’m new to Allods online. I’m loving it so far. But I have a question, can you tell me if there’s talent skills and stuff like WoW? If so, could you tell me the build? I’m not very good with those stuff… ^^

  2. Rawr says:

    Forgot something im becoming a melee heale

  3. Rawr says:

    Herro im lvl 8 i dont do enough damage like i would want to i put up luck and wisdom on guides (75 percent wisdom 25 percent luck) help

  4. nisheda says:

    hi thnks for the post it gave me a insight into a healer. I used to play wow for a long time as a hunter , but stopped recently as it got boring due to the lack of friends playing it but thankfully many friends have STARTED ALLODS most of my friends are dps and tanks i well am going to be teh healer of the group i was wondering whether going ranged dps initially to lvl and become an end game healer would be the fastest way to go since most of my friends are high lvl while i havent started yet( i am assuming that like in wow u can change ur spec end game)

  5. Mike says:

    Erhan, if you want to level up fast I think your Healer will be DD. So you should go for LUCK and PERC just like any magical user DD.
    Hadeia, first you have to choose between range and melee damage – it’s of no use to boost them both. I’d suggest range as the safest way. Then you should try to combine two builds descibed in the guide: DD and healer. I recommend you to take more skills and talents from DD-build because that way you’ll level faster and easier.

  6. Hadeia says:

    Hi all!
    Reading this all and the previous comments help really much. Thanks!
    I have a healer as first character and you suggested hybrid build for it. So how should I make it? How to mix it? Which spells to choose would be the best or at least very important?
    Thanks for the reply in advance!

  7. dernei says:

    thx for your time Admin! i spent some points on the shield then!

    Ernan i think Int and Luck and when u start your serius healing faith.

    i believe that faith has to do only with healing, so even it has to do only with our class main role it can be maxed later.

    correct me if im wrong.

  8. Erhan says:

    Hi, i wanna know whats the best path to take when trying to lvl up effieciently.
    Sheild and Mace? Staff?
    Which stats? Full INT? Full LUCK? Mixture? Maybe INT and WSD? INT and PERC?

  9. admin says:

    Hi, dernei. They have independent cooldowns. Kanian Healer can have two shields – that’s the idea of this racial. Tensess’s one is usually weaker so it’s a good idea to use it first.

  10. dernei says:

    I would like to ask if the racial skill ‘Tensess’ shield has the same cooldown with the other shield which can be acquired with skill poins.

    I already have the racial skill do i need the other shield too so i can have a double shield for PvP?

  11. Mike says:

    m8, if you want to heal then you should take any weapons which boost ‘right’ stats. Tank should take all the hits ) Armor points from shield won’t save you if you catch the aggro.

    Parry, hybrid build in Allods can’t perform as good as pure one because he, for example, picks DPS talents instead of healing talents and heals worse. But for PvP hybrids are better and you’ll see a lot of open PvP after 23 lvl. So for the first character hybrid may be the best choice.
    Staff is just an ordinary weapon and uses the same attacks as any other weapon. Or by staff you mean wand?

  12. Parry says:

    So you can you make a good melee dps with heals hybrid? Do hybrid builds do good in PvE and PvP?

    If you equip a staff for damage – are there staff damage attacks besides auto attacks?


  13. m8foryou says:

    Then i have weapon question. Should i take shield or no?

  14. Mike says:

    There are two more reasons really: 1) Like I said it boosts both healing and damage and useful in PvP where you don’t know which spell you will cast next. I try to have this effect always on when questing in Holy Land. 2) Sometime I cast it before hard boss fights to save time later.
    Even level one Purification was fine for me ) But it heavily depends on your playstyle.
    Hmm, you really have one – your teleportation stone. It’s an object but works more like a skill. You receive ‘quest skills’ after completing World Mysteries quest chains.

  15. m8foryou says:

    So why do you take Imperturbability lvl 3?
    There is a rubys (deep concentraction) which makes shorter holy shield time and may case Imperturbability. So is this the only reason?

    So lvl 3 Purification is very welcome or lvl 2 is fine?

    Well i think that new skills is quest rewards, well i am lvl16 and dont have any quest skill.

  16. Mike says:

    Hi, m8.
    1. That’s an error in calculator. Higher level of Purification remove more debuffs and have shorter cast time. 3-rd lvl Purification is instant-cast spell.
    2. Never heard about it. As far as I know we have: a) Skills from skill trees, b) Racial skill c) Skills from talent trees d) Skills given as quest rewards. Maybe you’ve heard about talent tree skills, such as Entreaty? You have to spend Rubies to get them which means they are available only after you reach certain level.
    3. It’s really not very useful neither for healing nor for damage dealing. The only thing which make it worth to spend points here is the fact that it boosts both damage and healing done. Good for hybrids.

  17. m8foryou says:

    Hello! i have 3 questions.
    1.What is the difference between Purification in higher lvl (1,2or3), because i dont see any difference in calculator. I think Holy shield is very needed if we grab aggro and noone cant get it back in 4 sec, so i think we need it at less lvl 2.

    2. Does anyone can tell me what new skills do we get later? I heard we have some upcoming skills on 10, 20 (not shure).

    3. How usefull you find Imperturbability? It has 8 sec cooldown, does it usefull to spend 1 point for 15%?

  18. jay says:

    haha no, you guys have done an amazing job. It made work go by much faster these holiday weeks to read your articles. I look forward to more!

  19. admin says:

    Thanks, Jay. We’re morons :(
    Mike played his Healer in RU OBT and used fan wikies (like those listed in Links section to the right) to translate the skills into English. It was our mistake cause it seems that he used bad translation. Now fixed it.
    Thanks again for your comment. Wanna be our editor? )

  20. jay says:

    I’m playing around in the NA CB and was wondering if the spell names you use are different from the ones in game. Or if i have just not gotten far enough to see them.

    p.s. Happy new years

  21. Mike says:

    Hi, Zhod!
    Sorry for late answer – I was on internet-free holidays )
    I used this build for healer but if you decide to play it you should find a friend who will keep aggro and deal damage. This skill build is pure healing and not very good for levelling.

  22. Zhod says:

    could you also show how did u put your talents points on the main skill window for healer?

  23. Mike says:

    Sure it’ll work. All healers are siblings, you know. Only racial abilities differ them from each other.
    And thanks for appreciating our efforts, we are trying to make the site as useful as possible for any AO player.

  24. Zhod says:

    The builds you show up there works for Inquisitor (”human healer”) from the Empire?

  25. Zhod says:

    I see, thanks for your info again :D actually you are my 1st hand resource of this game XD

  26. Mike says:


    Yes, my Cleric weared leather and plate armor (on lvl 30 in RU OBT). The trick is u can’t wear it from the 1st lvl. Pity :( Try to use best armor possible for your lvl, cause extra armor points never hurt.

    My Cleric was pure healer – I played with my friend’s Warrior (or should I say 3 warriors? U can never be sure with those Gibbies ;) ) For healer it’s not very important which weapon type to use – what important is what stat bonuses the weapon gives you.

  27. Zhod says:

    oh i forgot to ask did u tried the Plate armor and leather? for healer? what’s the best? what weapon are u using? staff? One hand mace? xD

  28. Zhod says:

    thanks for your time answering my question i really apreciate, btw i forgot to say thanks for the guide and Good Job ;)

  29. admin says:

    When you hit lvl 10 you’ll see those talent trees (talent squares in fact :) ) On lvl 7 you can only see your skill tree. There will be 3 more tabs under skill tree tab once 10 lvl is gained. Talents are invested there.

  30. Zhod says:

    This is not the talent windows i could see in the game, can u explain me or what cuz most of the talents i didn’t see it on my talent tree

    (btw i’m lvl 7 maybe this should help)(Cleric/Kenian)

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