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I’ve written already that guides originally created in English is a rare thing in Allods Online community yet. But, of cource, there are exceptions. And those exceptions are clearly worth reading even if you’re not going to play the class described. The reason is that AO demands some kind of strategic character planning from it’s players. It is very easy task to spoil a character by randomly picking skills, talents and wrong-stats gear. And not-so-easy thing is to become good PvP-er or valuable member for a group that tries AO dungeons.

So today we introduce Allods Online Warrior guide written by soldeus, leader of Primal Instinct guild, NA CBT player and his Orc Lundeus – lvl 20 Brute. Although the author named it ‘Orc Brute Guide’ it’s really about all Warriors, not just Orc Brutes. We’ve just edited it a bit. (Hope that’s ok, Sol) Enjoy!

Allods Online Orc Defeated

He had the wrong build...

Levels 1-20 closed beta phase 2 Orc Brute Guide

What you need to know about your char’s main stats:

-STR increases physical dmg(0mg really??)
-FIN ignores armor by a % to increase dmg
-EXP reduces your chance to miss
-LUCK you can ignore early on your % is fine(effects your crits and anti-crits which will be explained another time.) Courtesy of Asegnar the Troll. Later you’ll need that stat as well to minimize the number of your “unlucky” blows thus boosting your DPS  (Editor’s note, later – EN)

To be a successful DPS Brute, you need a healthy mix of these four core stats.

Now you’re saying “what stats where?”

I mainly focused on Finesse because high end pieces lack it at the moment. So it’s a good idea to invest free stat points in FIN (EN)

@10 you want to shoot for:
11% phys dmg(STR) - Should be higher @20(EN)
30% armor pen(FIN) - Fine for 20 lvl (EN)
10% miss rate(EXP) - Fine for 20 lvl (EN)

Leveling your Warrior

leveling a Brute is a bit different from other classes, they start out slow and become a wrecking ball.  They really come into their own when they learn Agonizing Blow.  Early on it’s pretty tough, it will get easier from 7-10.  Always invite stragglers on kill X amount of Y quests, not only will it speed up the process, but you might just make a healer friend struggling with the mobs out of it!

Warrior’s Skill Rotation

Step 1: Powerful Blow x 3
(if) there is no bleed effect, repeat step 1
(if) the bleed effect is on the mob Move to step 2
Step 2: Agonizing Blow x 1
our skill cycle gets much more complex later on.


“I can has cheezburga?”
So if you stick to doing quests and buying gear from vendors, money will get pretty tight.  One element that Allods has that not many other MMOs have is the resale page.  Meaning you can BUY what people vendor.  This includes blues.

I typically find a blue on a vendors resale page, put it in the AH with a 400% mark up and it sells rather quickly.  Do this and you can afford power pots to be a beast XD

Where to invest Skill Points

This early in the game, skill points can make or break a character.

For levels 1-9 you want to pick up:
Powerful Blow rank 3
Agonizing Blow rank 1
The next skill you will want is Agonizing Blow rank 2, this will require level 10

Weapons: What to use and when to use them.

1 handed weapons give your skills a 3second cd for most with standard energy consumption.
Paired weapons give your skills a 1second cd with reduced energy consumption.
2 handed weapons give your skills a 3 second cd for most with standard energy consumption.

The CD’s for certain skills that are not dictated by weapon worn remain the same CD.

For armored kiting targets I use a 2hander
armored non-kiting targets I use paired weapons
vs a 2 hander I use sword n board

“BUT-BUT-BUT I want to TANK!!”
Straight up – roll a Paladin Archetype.  They are Russias MT’s, Brutes just slap on a board and off-tank adds.

In conclusion, follow this loose guideline and you too can crit for 1508dmg with Agonizing Blow and 667 Powerful Blow at level 10.

Levels 10-20

“What Weapon should I use?”
Use what the game gives you. I got paired axes from XAES in CBT1, but any weapon will work early on. At level 13, lookout isle will have a group quest for a 2h axe. Use this. At 16 you will get a rune lesson quest that will give you paired axes, use these to replace the 2h. At 18(?) you get the quest for Glomo in Dead Sea this will give you your new 2h axe. Hold onto the 2h axe and the paired weapons as both are useful in different situations.

I solo quested personally, only leveling with Fatigue, I wasn’t in any hurry. Group up for Destroyer/Demonologist/Glomo you can solo the rest.

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9 Comments to “Brief Warrior guide”

  1. FSU says:

    Are you going to finish this guide? Also do you use the same attack rotation all the way to level 40?

  2. admin says:

    All thoughts about professions in Allods are here. Hope it will help

  3. FSU says:

    What profession would be most helpful for warriors?

  4. hbs says:

    Ok, thanks, I will take all skills in rank 1 like you, and then I would see the talents that are interesting in rank 2 …
    For now I have a very high DPS, and I hope you will continue this guide (after lvl 20) thanks

  5. admin says:

    Well that depends on many things: your attacking abilities rotation, your stats, the general idea of your build and so on. But if you are new to the game and don’t want to bother much about these things then I’ll advice taking Strength bonus.

  6. hbs says:

    thanks for your advice, now I want to ask you about the order wich you take the skills with ruby, i am level 11 and in level 10 I take “art of the blade”, and now i want to know if i have to take “art of the blade” rank 2 (Increases damage of powerful blow than 10%) or “beefy” (increase your strength than 5%)

    sorry one again for my bad english ^^’

  7. admin says:

    Hbs, you mean those packs that class trainers sell? My advice is: forget about them. Use reputation gear instead. Reputation gear is of the same quality as instance drops and may be bought from special vendors in every location you adventure if you have maximum reputation with his faction.

  8. hbs says:

    you said to invest free stats points in FIN, but the stuff that gives the instructor warrior have many finesse, so we have not enough expertise and we must sacrifice our equipment instructor: s

    SORRY for my bad english,i’m french

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