Class mechanics and Mage builds


When using a spell of a certain school (Fire/Ice/Lightning) you will receive a stack of Entropy of that particular school. (You can see beneath the your character’s portrait in the debuffs section. You can also see it as 3 spheres above your 1-6 skill bar).
If you receive more then 5 stacks of any particular Entropy then you will automatically remove them and receive a buff(70%) or a debuff(30%).
With a 70% chance it will be a Buff (Strengthen your spells, reduce cast time, restore your health or mana).
With a 30% chance it will be a Debuff (Loss of health or mana, forced Recharge upon all spells of that school).

You can remove stacks of Entropy in 3 different ways:
1. Automatic Removal
(Release of Ice\Fire\Lightning).

The more stacks you have the stronger the effect of the release. That means that the buff/debuff you receive will be more powerful if you use the Automatic Removal yourself rather then let the system do it for you. For example if you do a controlled Automatic Removal then you receive/loose 10% of mana/health per stack opposed to the 33% for 5 stacks offered by uncontrolled Automatic Removal.
2. Special Talents or spells that use up those stacks. In this case the talents/spells effects will be used.
3. Using a spell from an “Opposite” school of magic. Ie: a stack of Entropy of Lightning is removed by using a Fire spell, a stack of Entropy of Ice is removed by using a Lightning spell, a stack of Entropy of Fire is removed by using a Ice spell.


“A build is the arrangement of all skill points and talent points on the given level of a character. Because there will always be less skill and talent points then you want you will have to think up a strategy using which you will develop your character: which skills/talents to pick, which ones to leave out in order to get a liveable build.
The best gamers use builds that are “perfected” for a certain game play style. Or the tactic can come from the build chosen.” (с) V00ddha

There are 2 main groups of builds.
Intelligence – Intuition mage.
This mage build maxes out Intelligence for great damage, Intuition for less resists by the enemy and Spirit for huge amount of mana. This build has the strongest shields, stable damage and great amount of mana. Gear is very simple to get for this build because almost all Reputation Vendor Gear have Intelligence-Intuition-Spirit setup.
That gear also usually comes with high Agility. Chance to evade an attack will by higher than usual for this build. However, even with this build you need at least some Luck in order to reduce the chance of getting anticrits. Theoretically it should be enough to have 1-10% chance to crit so that the chance to anticrit is not higher. (unverified information)

This build is harder to play as. In order to get high Luck, stats like Intuition, Intelligence and Spirit are sacrificed. This build has weak shields and a small mana pool.
The maximum damage from this build is greater than normal but it’s also very unstable. In order to succeed you need crits. However even with high Luck you will still get occasional anticrits.
Many talents are designed to work when a critical hit occurs so crit-mages get the benefit there.
Those talents give the mages: mana regeneration, resets cooldowns or allows the next spell to be instant-cast.
The best gear for this build give Luck-Stamina-Intelligence combo. Which means the mage will have less Agility but much greater health pool.

No matter what build you pick you need the core talents: talent combo necessary for any mage.

Pure Fire: Intelligence-Intuition Mage \ Crit-Mage
Pure Lightning: Intelligence-Intuition Mage \ Crit-Mage
Pure Ice: Intelligence-Intuition Mage \ Crit-Mage

However, builds based on 1 school generally are weaker then hybrid builds. Ideally you should pick 2 schools and evolve in them.
Couple examples of Hybrid Builds:
Lightning Crit-Mage by iLeastlic
Build by 254th

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  1. arthrun says:

    What kind of class have good crit mage’s??

  2. mico says:

    im insanely noob in this game can you teach me what stats to put if i got crit mage?

  3. kineas says:

    Tyvm for this guide, it helped me understand what enthropy was 100% would’ve had no idea otherwise, and from the videos I’ve seen lightning crit builds are the way to go I’m just starting so I’m not sure if it’s great or not but I saw Mages of said build taking on 4 guys and coming out on top, seen Mages hitting for 23k aswell.

  4. ceyhun says:

    Your guide help me alot thank you.

  5. WHAT says:

    what has a more of a benefit from the classes arisen and elf? which one is better to play as usually endgame?

  6. admin says:

    Both PvP well, but I prefer playing with crit mage against other players

  7. Murq says:

    Out of the 2 main types of builds, which is more successful in pvp?

  8. mage says:

    Entropy sucks

  9. XxX says:

    can u maybe post a fire/crit hybrid spec???tnx

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