admin on May 25th, 2010

This post will be sticky for some time.

Loot Tables – don’t forget to check before going to Astral or Instance

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Stoeipoesje on October 4th, 2010


Dear Community,
I would like to introduce myself towards all of you!
I am Stoeipoesje, a Gibberling Seer on the ISA server of Europe.   I am a major fan of Allods Online, and will certainly continue to play this game for a loooong time ;-) . I have written 2 guides in the past for Oreshek Fortress and Dark Citadel, and i am working now on a guide/strategy for Gorlux Tower (Which some people may find interesting!). All of this require quite some time and work, but once there finished im sure you love it.

Since im rather new here as an Author, i have a request for all of you! Please let me know what you would like to see on this page, regarding guides, loot tables etc, and i will certainly do my best to update these when i have the time. Just leave some comments on what you like to see. Tomorrow will be a new “era”, because of the new patch ;-) 1.1.02 – Rise of Gorluxer, and i am really excited about this! I might even make a nice article next week or so regarding this update. Well anyway, stay tuned folks! And remember: Leave your feedback!

With kind regards,

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admin on September 3rd, 2010

Allods Online PvP Patch

I think that many AO PvP-oriented players were dissappointed with the content of “Revelations of Gipat” Addon. We were given one new zone where PvP is forbidden and also new game mechanics made death in player versus player battles more costly. It seemed that Gpotato with Astrm Nival forgot about PvPers (in spite of the fact that many FtPs really encourage player killing).

Well, good news, everyone. It seems that next addon will be about PvP only. On RU servers they install patches more freqently but with less changes introdced. Even now they have several PvP-features that we don’t and even more are promised by Nival to be implemented in a month or so. So I think we’ll see all those features in our next patch, let’s call it Patch 1.2. Read the rest of this entry »

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admin on August 15th, 2010

Entrance to the Oreshek Fortres (author: Stoei)

Hi, everyone. I’m back from long internet-free holidays. So Allodsfan is alive. Again ;)

Stoei wrote another detailed Heroic guide about Oreshek. This is the first heroic instance available for fresh League highlevels. Oreshek is a very good place to learn how to play with your constant party (if you don’t have one). As usual, Stoei’s guide is very detailed and illustrated with many screenshots. Well, let’s start reading: Read the rest of this entry »

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Allods Online Patch 1 1

After Patch 1.1 was released we thought about making new poll: “Why I’m so sure that Patch 1.1 is the best patch I’ve ever seen in MMO?” With sample answers like this: “It removed that annoying crowded zonechat!”, “It helped me earn a lot of gold from mobs that I grinded to level up!” and so on.

The patch was quite a dissapointment for us all. “Slight increase in experience required to level up” resulted in double and tripple increase for middle and highlevel chars. Massive damage reduction wasn’t even mentioned in the patchnotes. Devs gave a clear message: “If u want to level like you did before – buy perfumes, buy charms, buy exp boost scrolls and have fun”.

Personally I don’t mind paying for good MMORPG and Allods is certainly one of the best MMOs on the market. But Read the rest of this entry »

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